Maori Women, Their Traditional Chin Tattoo

Maori Women

Their Traditional Chin Tattoo

The Moko Kauae, otherwise known as the Maori woman chin tattoo. A tradition for females that will manifest and show their true identity. The women believe they carry the moko close to their hearts. Then when ready, get the tattoo and bringing it to the surface and to life.

Indigenous to New Zealand, the Maori have a body art known as moko. The art was brought from Polynesia and is considered highly sacred. I myself am very lucky to have a “visitor moko” tattoo. Done while in New Zealand on holiday visiting family. It’s a pride of mine and always a good conversation starter.

In their culture, the head is considered the most sacred part of the body. Hence the most popular moko was and still is facial tattoos. Designs incorporate curved shapes, spirals and other geometric shapes and patterns. The gaps, or bare skin telling more of the story than the ink. Facial tattoos often covered the whole face. These tattoos are a symbol of rank, social status, power and prestige.

Getting the tattoo is considered a rite of passage, even to this day. This means the process is highly revered and ritualised. Normally the person would have tattoos covering most the body and starting at adolescence.

Each and every Maori tattoo is different as every person’s story is different. The tattoos are always of high quality with intricate detail. Displaying the craftsmanship and artistry of not only the artist but the culture also.

These portraits of 20th Century women are fantastic and show some amazing moko. Please have a look at them and witness the art for yourself. I hope to one day get my “visitor” moko added to with my wife and two beautiful children.

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Source: vintage everyday: Moko Kauae: 30 Incredible Portraits of Maori Women With Their Tradition Chin Tattoos from the Early 20th Century

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