I got a photo into a YouTube video!

Still life, Adam William R Captures, Portrait, Wedding, Photography, YouTube

I got a photo into a YouTube video!

Photo assignments

Today I discovered I got a photo into a YouTube video! The video in question is linked below but is from the Ted Forbes Art of Photography YouTube Channel.

Ted Forbes has been running a photography assignment series on YouTube for a short while now.  The idea being a genre or style of photography is selected by Ted. People then submit their work via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Posts are made with the hashtag #photoassignments. After about a week or two, Ted posts an update video with a selection of the community work.

In the past, we have seen assignments on low angle, high angle, eye level, colour pallets, photo sequence, motion and recently, still life.

The beauty of these assignments is there’s no tests, no gradings and no commitments for the photographers taking part. You can join when you wish, miss an assignment or two and still enjoy participating. The idea behind them is to get, us photographers to think and try new things. At the same time publishing our work to the big wide web. If you want to see some of the communities work, just search for #photoassignments in your social media of choice.

I joined in and participated in the still life assignment. Watch the video below to see my image at the 01:57sec mark. Please watch the full video as there are some very talented photographers in the video.

The Image

I must say I was very surprised to see my image pop up in the video. The images from the community are excellent and worth your time having a look. I’m not going to lie, but I was chuffed to bits with seeing it displayed in the video. You can view a full-size copy of the image below just by clicking on the image.

Still life, Adam William R Captures, Portrait, Wedding, Photography, YouTube
Sake cups and other Japanese kitchenware

The image was taken during a still life workshop at Ashington Camera Club. A great night with everyone learning something from the night. This image was captured using a seamless paper backdrop and a single flashlight shot through an umbrella. A simple, but effective style of lighting and I love it. If you’re interested in starting photography or been doing it a while, why not come along to one of the club meetings? Make some new friends and have some photography related fun.

I’m thinking of uploading some of my other non-portrait/wedding work to this site. If you think I should and would like to see it, then please leave a comment below showing your interest.

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