Go Unplugged

Go Unplugged

Go Unplugged

You may have read the Facebook rant by Thomas Stewart of Thomas Stewart Photography in Southern Highlands, Australia, who wrote why camera phones, iPads and selfie sticks are ruining weddings. His post has been shared over 88k times and received over 121k likes to date.

If you are not sure what Thomas was arguing against, it was guests using their cameras (of any sort) during the wedding. So he suggested that the ceremony be unplugged.

Wedding photographers, like myself, will do our best to avoid those guests that want to take photos. Though sadly they can end up ruining a beautiful shot of the newly weds walking down the aisle.

These images below are real wedding photos, taken by the official photographer on the day. Please note, these are not my photos.

What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you and your guests unplug from the world. That includes phones, social media posting, iPads, cameras. Or any other bit of tech you may have.

This means your family and friends can enjoy the moment, the celebration, being part of the day. Looking down the aisle, not their phone, seeing the moment unfold. Seeing the emotions of friends and family faces. Watching the smiles grow and feeling the love.

Would you rather see your family and friends enjoying the moment or with their face hidden by a phone?

Should you go unplugged?

Think why you want your guests there. Why have you chosen them to be part of your big day? You may want there to share the day as it unfolds, enjoying the moment. Building memories, not needing to check their phone every 5 minutes.  There is also no reason for them to take photosYou hired a photographer, so there’s something else for the guests to forget about.

Social Media

Social media is a part of peoples everyday life now. It’s great for sharing memories with family and friends instantly. However, do you want photos taken by guests pasted all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter before you even walk down the aisle as husband and wife? Would you rather not get to the end of the day and see a few notifications? Or hundreds of photograph tags? It’s your wedding, so why not choose what is, and who shares the images from the day?

Should you Ban Guests From Phones and Cameras?

It may sound harsh, strong even,  but it’s not about banning them. It’s about getting your guests to understand you have hired a photographer to capture the day. Then they can view the photos once ready and share however you wish. You want the guest there to understand they are there to enjoy the day and the moment. Not be hidden by cameras and phones, viewing the day via a screen.

Use a sign or two informing guests to turn off phones, keep cameras and iPads in bags (or in a safe place) during the ceremony. Add a little note on your invite too. That way it will give people a chance to understand what you want and why.

What are your thoughts on unplugged weddings? Would you have one or do you prefer your guests to take photos etc? Let me know in the comments section below. I will be posting another blog soon on why you should allow guests to photograph during the wedding. So stay tuned for that.

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Source: 23 Wedding Photos Ruined by Camera Phones. Go Unplugged!

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