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Camera Club Competiton

Edit my RAW

Tonight at the Camera Club we had a fun competition called Edit my RAW. Members are supplied images to edit how they see fit then have them printed. The Edit my RAW competition is a little friendly one with very few rules. Speaking of the rules, they are very simple:

  • Four images supplied must be used as the base image
  • Can edit any way we wish i.e. add/remove element, change crop
  • Must be printed at no larger than A4
  • No mounts

It’s a fun night and exercise, designed to make us members think how we would edit someone else’s work. The images supplied normally cover a variety of subjects, styles and/or topics. Not all to everyone taste. Though it gets us out our comfort zones and helps us learn new techniques.

Tonight was fun with lots of members getting involved. The level of interpretation was awesome to see. It’s amazing seeing how people interpret an edit for an image. Getting the feel, tone and story just right for them.

The judging is always tough for these competitions as all the images are the same. All that is different are the edits. So the judge needs to look at the finer details etc.

Below are my edits are the images supplied to use. They are not my images but are provided for free by another photographer. So a big thanks go to Serge Ramelli. Serge provides free Photoshop and Lightroom training with source files and images to use. All so you can follow along and do the same edits etc.

So how did I do? Well, I didn’t win as the competition was strong. Not to worry as I have great fun working on these photos as well as on the night. That’s all that’s required at the club, that we have fun and learn something on the way.

Doing the landscape edits had made me think of a little personal project. I have some ideas and just need to think of the execution. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

As always,

Speak soon

Adam William R Captures


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