Covered in Honey

Covered in honey

Covered in Honey

‘Preservation’ by Blake Little

Taken the first glance at these images and it can be hard to know what they are. Have a closer look and you realise its pure beauty.

“Preservation” by the portrait photographer, Blake Little is a series of photos of the models covered in honey. The models are pictured in movement, but trapped in the viscose, honey. The end results are the models looking like living statues.

During a more traditional shoot photographing a hand covered in honey, the idea was born. Little noticed that the subject looked as if frozen in amber. Just like the mosquito in Jurassic Park.

Little found the honey gave the models a “democratizing effect”. He sought after a varying range of models, from the shape, age, sex, body type and ethnicity.

Views now see the idea of humanity as captured in the photograph. This is achieved by making the models living sculptures with the use of the honey.

In some of the pictures, the honey takes a different form. It shows the nourishing substance, giving life to the portrait. Rather than being a sealant that captures life.

I love these portraits and the other images on his site are amazing. I strongly recommend you have a look (link to his site is below). These images are an inspiration and a great break from the norm. What do you think of the portraits? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are wanting a portrait session, or have any ideas of what you would like covered. Then please feel free to contact me, or have a look at my prices and book a session.

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The complete series can be purchased directly from Blake Little via his website. Individual prints are also available for sale.

Source: ‘Preservation’ by Blake Little | SF Globe

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