Bill Ward Presentation

Bill Ward Presentation

Hosted by Ashington Camera Club


Last night I was filling my club secretary duties out by helping out hosting the presentation by Bill Ward at Ashington Camera Club. Well, I say help, I finished setting up the laptop and monitor once I get there. The real praise goes to the other members who made the night run so well. Thanks to them Ashington Camera Club hosted an excellent night for members and the public to enjoy. Continue reading “Bill Ward Presentation”

The first 48 Hours



A Great Response

The first forty-eight hours of the site going live have been fantastic.  I am truly thankful for all those that have sent kind words on the site and work I have done so far. It’s a great feeling knowing you are doing something right and people are enjoying your work. Continue reading “The first 48 Hours”

A new site, a new look


Welcome To My New Website

Firstly I would like to welcome you to my new and improved website. I shall be using this site to show, with pride, my latest work. Be whatever that may, a portrait, a still life, a landscape or my latest commission. I hope you find this a place to enjoy, as much as I love photography and sharing it with you all.

I have created a portfolio to show my greatest work and I hope you enjoy looking at the images in them. I will be updating these from time to time, to show the best of my best. I may even add more categories as time goes on.

I will, however, be using the blog to show some of my other work from various ideas, competitions with the camera club I am in (click here to read more about the Ashington Camera Club), news on projects and anything else that I can think of.

So please, follow me on my journey in photography and feel free to contact me on anything you wish.

We shall speak again soon