Famous Photographers And Their Iconic Photographs

Famous Photographers And Their Iconic Photographs

Famous Photographers And Their Iconic Photographs

Original post by Navibat

I love this story. There are so many famous pictures but not many know the person who took the image. It’s a great way to put names and faces to the work. This post shows famous photographers and their iconic photographs.

How many times have you seen some of these famous photos? Have you ever wondered who took them? I found this a great post to read as I didn’t recognise most of the photographers with the images. Continue reading “Famous Photographers And Their Iconic Photographs”

Kids Portrait Photo Shoot

Portrait, Adam William R Captures

Kids Portraits Photo Shoot

Kids Portrait Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of doing a kids portrait photo shoot at a family home. The family hadn’t updated the kid’s portraits for a number of years and thought it was time to do so. So the family call me, book me up for a Platinum Portrait Package and we arrange a date and time.

We arranged for an evening photo shoot and set up a home studio at their house. We decided to go for a low-key style photo shoot. This creating focus just on the children. Personally, I love low-key photos so it was a great treat for me also. Continue reading “Kids Portrait Photo Shoot”

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Impromptu Photoshoot

So it’s bank holiday Monday and I have just finished a photo shoot for a raffle prize winner at her home (story to follow shortly). I get home to find the sister-in-law and nephew have come for a visit. There were plans to go out for a picnic, but sadly the weather was poor. In steps the impromptu photo shoot!

Continue reading “Impromptu Photo Shoot”

Competition Winner – Photo Shoot

Portrait Competition, Winners photos

Competition Winner – Photo Shoot

Elizabeth’s portrait photo shoot

The backstory

You may remember I ran a competition over on my Facebook page to win a portrait photo shoot. Elizabeth Tully won the competition and we arranged a date and time that suited us both.

Originally the photo shoot was going to be at Elizabeth’s home, but we decided to move the location to her allotment.  A place Elizabeth loves to spend time. Elizabeth has had an allotment for 20 years and still loves doing it to this day. Continue reading “Competition Winner – Photo Shoot”

Baby Annika Photo Shoot

Annika Blog header

Baby Photo Shoot

Baby Annika’s photo shoot


I had the great pleasure of photographing baby Annika at her home in Newcastle Upon Tyne for a baby photo shoot. She is an absolutely beautiful baby girl (as you will soon see).

I was approached by her father to do a home photo shoot to treasure these precious early days of his daughter’s life. I love these shoots especially in a place the baby knows and is comfortable in, making the photos so much more beautiful and a more relaxing experience for all. Continue reading “Baby Annika Photo Shoot”

Ashingtons Inspirational Women


Ashington’s Inspirational Women’s


My day photographing Ashington’s Inspirational Women


The market:

On Saturday the  25th March 2017, I was giving the opportunity to photography Ashington’s Monthly Market, celebrating Ashington’s Inspirational Women’s.

The day started off with a market selling locally produced goods from all kinds of businesses. Everything from home made cakes to pizza and coffee. There was even hot sauce, which I must admit was too afraid to try as spice/heat and I do not mix! Continue reading “Ashingtons Inspirational Women”

My Favourite Camera

Mavourite camera

My Favorite Camera

The camera that started it all


(all images in this post were taken on the Canon AV-1)


If you read my about page, you will know that my father’s Canon AV-1 35mm film camera is what got me interested in photography.

I remember using this camera, when I was a young lad, well I say use it was more like playing. My Dad’s heart must’ve been in his throat every time I had a hold of it! I probably wasted a lot of film too then not knowing what I was doing, or how to use the camera. Continue reading “My Favourite Camera”