Who I am

About me

A little about me, Adam Richardson and I am born and bred in Ashington, Northumberland in the UK.

At a young age, I loved playing with my fathers Canon AV-1 35mm film SLR camera. As a result, my parents bought me my own Canon Prima BF point and shoot 35mm camera. I loved this camera and as a result, I wanted to be Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife photographer (wildlife was another passion of mine as a child).

That was a good while ago and childish dreams, though these should never be given up on. As is the way of life, I grew and had new commitments such as school and gaining my education. As a result, I lost my passion for photography for a good while.

Not too long ago my father passed away leaving our family with happy memories and a role model to look up and inspire too. He also left me his Canon AV-1 35mm film SLR camera. Not seeing the camera in years and getting it in my hands brought back so many fond memories. With these memories, an old flame was reignited. That flame being photography.

With getting my late fathers camera, I have been perusing a career in photography, specialising in portrait and wedding photography. I want to capture the emotions and intimacy of a person and moment they are in.

Though I do specialise in portrait and wedding, I am always happy to photograph other subjects such as animal portraits, landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes.

I’m always looking for my next challenge, to help you capture your special moments and memories.

If you wish to book me for a photo shoot or to just have a chat, then please go to the contact page.